Present address same as Permanent address.

Name of the authorized local Guardian or Visitors allowed to visit the boarder at Hostel during visiting Hours only. Relation with ward / Student Full Signature of the Visitor to be tailed at each visit Photo of the visitor
1. Local Guardian (only Ladies)
2. Visitor (Father)
3. Visitor (Mother)
4. Visitor (Own sister or brother or authorized person with written permission letter of guardian)

Attachments *(ONLY JPG / JPEG / PNG ALLOWED)

Rules of Ranchi Women’s College, Hostel

1. Snap of Guardian (Mother+Father) and local Guardian (Only Woman Who will visit the ward) is essential on the form. If anybody fails to give the photo of all the three she will have to pay the fine @ Rs 5/- per day der guardian till submission of the photo. And till that date none of the local guardian can visit her or take her away to her house.

2. Only Women local guardian can visit the ward. Visiting day will be only Saturday in the evening from 4.30 pm to 5.30 pm.

3. Ward can go to local guardian on each Saturday for stay till Sunday evening only escorted by the lady local guardian / lady visitor whose photograph is on the form.

4. In case no female local guardian is available a male Local Guardian can be approved for emergency cases only on basis of Guardian recommendation and his photo attested by guardian (Father/Mother)

5. No male Visitor (Except Father) is allowed any day.

6. No ward can bring and keep Gold Jewellery with her.

7. No wand can keep Electric Iron, Water Heater Walkman, CD Player, Traitor Radio and such electrical and electronic equipment in the hostel. if caught a fine to the tune of Rupees One Thousand may be charged along with expulsion from hostel and College too.

8. A roll call will take place At 5:45 PM Everyday at assembling place by prefect and Matron whose full report will be passed on to the superintendent and she will pass it on to the warden. In case this system fails perfect will be held responsible.

9. Matron will be accountable for custody of Fans, Tube lights, Motor Pumps Televisions, Utensions, Aqua Guard Water Purifier, Furniture Ete. She will be the custodian of all goods and if any item is missing Matron will pay its cost from her Salary through Automatic deduction. Matrons will submit a report every May about number of working and non-working fan/light so that replacement may be done before new admissions in July.

10. Old boarders can be permitted to reside in hostel for examination purpose only with due written permission of warden/ superintendent. She will have to pay the Mesa charge only.

11. No student will stay away from her room during night except with written permission of the superintendent. Those applying for such permission must state the proposed date and time of departure and return intimating the destination and purpose.

12. Shouting, singing & laughing loudly etc. which can distract the attention of other residents studying rooms are strictly prohibited.

13. Ragging in any form, inside or outside the campus, is religiously banned, Violation of this restriction may lead to expulsion both from college and hostel.

14. All Visitors including parents / guardian will be entertained only during Visitor's Hour.

15. Cooking in Hostel Rooms/kitchen on or premises is not allowed except during Holidays.

16. Purchased readymade food meat/ fish/ ice-cream ets from outside in not allowed at any cost Similar meal provided by mess is compulsory for all reach and poor.

17. Strict Silence during study hour is expected.

18. Study hour to be maintained seriously, visiting other's rooms during study hours is highly objectionable and punishable.

19. Those who want combined study may exercise it in the corridor with special permission of the superintendent.

20. By 11:00 pm all lights of Bedrooms must be switched off.

21. All boarders will have to pay one month Advance of Mess Charge.

22. It is mandatory to report one day in advance at opening day of the College after vacation. In no case No Mess charge will be exempted if any student comes late to the Hostel. They will have to pay fine besides full charge.

23. Following will be the Routine

Prayer Time Morning Tea Break Fast Lunch Evening Tea/ Snacks Leisure / Recess Assembly & Prayer Study Hour Dinner Extra Study Hour
6:00 AM 7:00 AM 8:30 AM 11:00 AM - 3:00 PM 3:30 PM - 5:40 PM 4:30 PM - 5:40 PM 5:45 PM 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM 8:15 PM - 9:15 PM 9:15 PM - 10:30 PM

Undertaking by student and her parents

I along with my ward ………………………………………………. hereby undertake to maintain the rules & regulations of Ranchi Women’s College Hostel as mentioned above. We will abide by the framed rules. In case of violation of rules by my ward I agree that hostel management will have full right to expel her from the hostel with due information to me, written / verbal / telephonically.